Members of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union at Heworth Grange School, Gateshead, will be taking the first of six planned days of strike action on Thursday (February 7).

This action is as a result of adverse management practices in relation to pupil behaviour.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Strike action is a last resort for dedicated and committed teachers but there has been a failure by the Employer to take seriously their professional concerns.

“Teachers are entitled to a safe working environment and employers have a legal duty of care for their employees.

“The NASUWT remains committed to engaging with the Employer to resolve this dispute and avoid further industrial action but the employer needs to take the concerns of the teachers seriously.”

John Hall, NASUWT National Executive Member, said:

“There is a history of issues relating to pupil behaviour at the school which our members have made every effort to engage with the school management to resolve.

“However, the problems remain unaddressed and therefore there has been no option but regrettably to move to strike action.

“A further meeting has been scheduled at which we hope that every effort will be made by the employer to address the issues of concern and avoid further action.”